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There’s more to this than just a new mode, as Way Forward is calling it “Friends to the End” as an entirely new expansion.First details about Friends to the End have just been posted on Kickstarter in a new update.

Space Combat is a space simulation game, like TIE Fighter or Decent Freespace.

To hit distant enemies, Bolo spends Dream Magic to toss a pong-style Spike Ball, which bounces diagonally at high speed. Rotty attacks by removing her zombie leg and using it as a club, dealing massive damage at short range. Rotty can aim her head freely in any direction, and toss it through certain barriers and over or under obstacles. By spending Dream Magic, Rottytops can eat a brain to replenish her Hearts! From a design perspective, Friends to the End differs from Shantae and Risky’s modes in that the power up system exists “in the field”. Collecting Gems will cause a hero to LEVEL UP, increasing their attack speed and damage dealt.

Getting hit by enemies incurs a penalty, dropping the power level.

as Imai, Kieran from Indigo Ignited, Pinstripe as George the Dog from Atmos Games, Funimation’s dubs of Puzzle and Dragons X, Cheer Boys, Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Handa-kun and Endride.

Cherami Leigh has been in the industry for 20 years.

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He can also fire a Spring Claw at odd angles to knock away annoying airborne enemies.

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