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The screenplay (by Stewart Stern from an adaptation by Irving Shulman of an original storyline synopsis by director Nicholas Ray) was based on an actual case study (contained in Dr.

Robert Lindner's 1944 factual book titled Rebel Without a Cause: The Story of a Criminal Psychopath) of a delinquent, imprisoned teenage psychopath in the post-war years.

Ray tackles what it feels like to be restless, lonely and misunderstood in America’s middle class, with James Dean as the archetypal voice of disaffected youth. 6.30pm£5 per ticket or any 5 films for £20 Individual tickets available online.

The iconic performances by the three leads are raw, natural and cut you to the bone.

Jim will also adopt a red jacket for much of the film, and link himself to her defiance.] All of them are connected together by their problems - they all suffer from a lack of love and feelings of abandonment, and they all experience difficulties relating to their parents. Jim's father (James Backus, the voice of the cartoon character Mr. In other locations, he frequently "messed up" other boys who had called him 'chicken,' forcing the family's retreat and leaving him a friendless and lonely outcast in a new town. Their simple words to each other reveal both attraction and repulsion, stand-offishness and interest, and juvenile attitudes and peer-pressures: Jim: Hi.

It opened at the Astor Theatre in New York on October 29th, 1955, about a month after the death of its star (on September 30, 1955) on a highway in his sports car. (The gang's car screeches around the corner) All right. She runs away to an open carload of other kids in a local gang.Ironically, Dean was not nominated for his role in this film (although it eventually became his iconic career role), but was nominated instead for his Best Actor performance as insecure, tortured, neurotic loner and unappreciated son Caleb "Cal" Trask in his first major film role, East of Eden (1955). He was also nominated as Best Actor in the next year for his performance as Jett Rink in his third and final film, Giant (1956), filmed in the summer and early fall of 1955 and released in 1956 - a year after his death. The time frame of the film's plot is set over a little more than one twenty-four hour period in status-conscious mid-50's Los Angeles, and confined to a limited number of locations. (Gesturing toward her house) You live here, don't you? Both the beginning and ending of the film occur at nighttime (late night and early morning hours respectively) and are marked by the sound of approaching and departing police car sirens.

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This landmark juvenile-delinquent drama scrupulously follows the classic theatrical disciplines, telling all within a 24-hour period.

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