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Open chat tease strip

First, let's get into the size of the club (70,000 square feet! The building used to be home to a gym, complete with two indoor pools.The reception area isn't the cramped quarters you're used to at other strip clubs.And don't worry if you don't know what to do and how to go about it, just go, sit near bar, buy a drink, and watch the pole dancer. 2 types of people will have nothing good to say :creepers who want something for nothing and jealous hoes hating.Some lady would come to you and will lead the way - how long how far will depend how deep is your pocket! This club is exactly how a strip club is imagined to be. When the men interact with you off stage, they treat you with "sexy respect" and each man makes you feel like you are his own special gem.Just walking into the main room is a bit of walk, but it gives you a good chance to view the best wine and champagne selection of any strip club you've ever seen.When you finally make into the main room, it seems like you've been engulfed in one of those erotic scenes in that "Spartacus" show on Stars (if you haven't seen the show, you're welcome).

20$ for one lap dance, and if you really want to get adventurous, then shell out 150 to 200$ for vip treatment.As you'll find out, Sapphire is all about giving you one fantasy at a time, or 10 if you please, and sometimes with a side of karaoke.Well, friends, if you want to enjoy a strip club, but on a shoe-string budget, better stick to couple of beers in a bar and forget about a strip club.While your bad lines probably won't work at strip clubs either, being shot down isn't a worry here -- as long as you pay for a dance or two.If a fantasy is what you're looking for, the girls at Sapphire would love to help.

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