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They were created according to designs by Bernard Otto Seeling, one of the most active Czech sculptors of the past.The richly carved prie-dieux date from the 19th century, as do the painted decorations on the walls and severies.The town has taken extra care adding road dividers and a bit of padding on the concrete to protect the pilgrims who make the ascent from the port.Pregnancy and illness are the biggest reasons for a pilgrimage.They were formerly at a level of 2–8 metres under today’s streets.However, the land was often flooded by the Vltava at that time and so it had to be artificially raised.

August 15th is Greece’s “summer Pascha.” The church of The Evangelistria on Tinos was built in 1823 to house an icon that was found in 1822, and is now the attraction for thousands of Greek Orthodox believers convinced their pleas for a miracle will be answered by the Virgin Mary.It is by now almost completely encased in silver, gold, and jewels.The Church of Panagia on Tinos is perhaps the most respected and most important religious monument in Greece.The tour leads through several different houses, as is borne out by the differing ground levels.The gothic portal opens into a small room which was originally a medieval alley between two houses.

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It was vaulted rather than filled in during the raising of the terrain level and a gothic house was built above it.