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German cinema has been rocked by waves since its beginnings.

It swept away the decaying structure of auteurist New German Cinema (NGC) and all its attendant difficult, heavy themes. With the directors of the Comedy Wave, producers and new star figures also rose to prominence in a film industry that had previously ignored them.Here gay men take up a role that they have never had before in film history: they serve as facilitators of heterosexuality in a particular form.However, to begin this analysis, I will first turn to the specific material structures and historical transformations that gave rise to the Comedy Wave.Nun, da mein Geld ja weg war, kaufte ich nichts und nur Janka ging mit einer Corsage, jedoch noch immer ohne Schuhe nach Hause.Irgendwie war der Einkaufsbummel tatsächlicher weitere Weg des CSD, denn auch hier wurden diverseste Kameras auf uns gerichtet, zumeist allerdings von englischsprechenden Touristen, die sich wohl wunderten, Now, because my money was gone yes, I did not buy anything and just went with a Janka corsage, but still without shoes home.

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I will then take up the analytic tools afforded us by queer theory, which will provide an approach to the dynamic of sexuality at work here if we push beyond the surface representations.